Monday, 14 January 2013

Fijian Crafts

It's a crafternoon every day in Fiji for some Fijian women.

It was lots of fun watching the Fijian women set up in a picturesque location at the resort, overlooking the sea, weaving bags, hats & traditional Fijian hula skirts.

I had to know more about their weaving is what I learnt

They use leaves from a Pandana tree to weave with (there i am under the tree below!) But in order for the leaves to be ready to weave, they boil them in a pot, sun it & then smooth it with a sea shell ready for weaving. A process they said has been happening for centuries. It was really inspiring watching them craft & seeing their finished products on display.
I hope you enjoy the pics of their crafts.

Being Fiji, shells seem to be the item of choice. I loved the shell pillows on display in the lobby & the delicate shell chandeliers I spied in a boutique at the marina. The fabric photographed below was on an ottoman in the boutique. Such a fun fabric!

Below, are some pics of the local craft market. Great to walk through & watch them work.

Their was lots of sunny, happy crafts on display in Fiji.

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