Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Mexican fiesta at Mamasita

Date night tonight was spent at the always buzzing, Mamasita. Melbournes 'it' Mexican restaurant in the CBD...

We had some yum dishes, topped off with a sweet corn & caramel popcorn ice cream! Very unique!

Great vibe & fun restaurant. Made even more fun with my beautiful hubby who always spoils me rotten


Monday, 14 January 2013

Fijian Crafts

It's a crafternoon every day in Fiji for some Fijian women.

It was lots of fun watching the Fijian women set up in a picturesque location at the resort, overlooking the sea, weaving bags, hats & traditional Fijian hula skirts.

I had to know more about their weaving process...here is what I learnt

They use leaves from a Pandana tree to weave with (there i am under the tree below!) But in order for the leaves to be ready to weave, they boil them in a pot, sun it & then smooth it with a sea shell ready for weaving. A process they said has been happening for centuries. It was really inspiring watching them craft & seeing their finished products on display.
I hope you enjoy the pics of their crafts.

Being Fiji, shells seem to be the item of choice. I loved the shell pillows on display in the lobby & the delicate shell chandeliers I spied in a boutique at the marina. The fabric photographed below was on an ottoman in the boutique. Such a fun fabric!

Below, are some pics of the local craft market. Great to walk through & watch them work.

Their was lots of sunny, happy crafts on display in Fiji.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Accessories that pop!

I bought some really fun accessories today!
I'm just loving hot pink at the moment, so these bracelets were a must have.
I love the little tassels on the bracelet, they remind me of mini feather dusters!

It's summer in Australia at the moment & I just love the beach, so what better time to be wearing a combination of sea blue & deep coral in these earrings than now!

I think the fastest way to update your look & stay on trend is by wearing accessories in this seasons colours.

I bought these at the always glamorous homewares store:
Wen & Ware
175 Glenferrie Rd

The designer of the tassel bracelet is Australian Jewellery designer Angel diamond dot

Have a look around their site for a really modern & creative way of using colours that pop, unique settings and raw semi-precious stones.
If you want a striking statement piece, that says WOW when you walk into a party, then their jewellery is for you!
A designer to watch both in Australia and abroad.

Here is my fun jewellery: