Friday, 23 November 2012

Blogging from Fijian paradise

Just coffeeing & blogging beachside in Fiji!

What a majestic destination!
Blue water, white sand, gentle beautiful people, fun family time & some delicious food.
I have even spied some crafty goodness by some Fijian women, crafts they told me have been passed down from generation to generation.I will post it soon.
After coffee was lunch!
Here is the lunch I'm eating whilst blogging to you, all with the sun beaming down & some Fijian tunes gliding out from behind me! (check out 'Black Rose by Raude Meke on itunes for some Fijian tunes)

Perfect paradise!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Bunting my iPhone charger

I recently got the new iphone5....(the lack of battery life is absolutely killing me, how can I read all my favourite blogs!)
Anyway, a quick glance around the house & I notice there are white iPhone chargers everywhere.Big ones, old ones& now a new one that is not compatible with my iPad or nano.So, given I'm moving my phone from room to room, charging my battery most of the day in any free plug I can find in the house, I thought I better distinguish the old from the new.
So, here is my new iPhone 5 charger with some bunting attached!!!