Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Twiney's Workshop blog begins...

Welcome to Twiney's Workshop.

My name is Alana. I live in Melbourne, Australia.

I love creating products that POP with colour, mix new with vintage & are unique, quirky & kitsch...a bit like me! I love to dream up, invent & scribble down new products and ideas for my little business.
Then try and put them into action. I have had ideas for products for years and years, but have never gone about sharing my ideas and products, even though that is what I dream of.

Well, I have finally taken the plunge.
I'm starting small & opening an etsy store.

I hope to continue on and have my products in stores in Melbourne...But my ultimate goal is to try & have my products sold in a store in the city that never sleeps, the city where "if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere" - NEW YORK CITY!
A funny goal for some I'm sure. But an ultimate goal for me.

So, I have decided to start a blog to document my progress.
I hope to share with you how I try and get my business up and running, showing you my inspirations, some of the fun sights, smells, tastes & sounds of Melbourne, Australia - the great city that I live in.
I hope to also show you lots of "MY FAVOURITES" my favourite shops, my favourite websites, my favourite restaurants, cafes, products, outfits....anything that POPS!

Why Twiney's Workshop?

The name Twiney comes from a riddle my precious late grandfather used to tell to my siblings,  cousins & I. He told the same riddle to my Mum and her Brother. His brother also told the riddle to his children and grandchildren. I'm  not quite sure where the riddle started from?

The first line goes...

Twiney was a little boy...

In my imagination as a child listening to his riddle, I pictured Twiney as a little boy, wearing a checked peak hat (similar to what my grandfather wore), wearing a tweed jacket, a nice vest, a lovely pair of trousers with an old fashion brown postman bag slung over his body.

In his memory I have named my business Twiney's Workshop.

So, what do "Twiney" and I produce?
Twiney works very hard in his little workshop to bring you unique, practical, fun, bright and happy party favours & greeting cards.

Twiney likes to call them PRARDS ©- present cards.

Why give a card when you can give a present on a card.

Not only do you get a party, wedding, favour or greeting card with a present attached but you also get a beautifully printed, vintage designed card which can be framed, pinned to a mood board or resent as a postcard.

Some suggestions of how to use PRARDS, on guests plates at a wedding, handed out at children's parties, sent as an exciting keep the date free, as a fun promotional tool for businesses, sent as a thank you after a big event, a charity thank you, a birthday, Christmas etc

Twiney also has lots and lots of other fun filled ideas for products, so come along for the ride to see what we have installed for you in our etsy shop!

Finally, a little bit about me.
I have a beautiful husband and a gorgeous daughter.
I am a social worker and have been specialising in Dementia and the care of people and carers of people with Dementia for the past 8 years. I love my job and helping people through the difficult journey of Dementia.

I have always lived in Melbourne, apart from the fun filled year working in the UK with my then boyfriend, now husband.We have traveled around the world together, exploring different countries, eating different foods, trying out different languages and being as adventurous as possible.

I love crafts, stationary, kitschy zakka (think crazy Tokyo household items, stationary etc), pilates, going on adventures to find new hidden craft shops, clothes shops & cafes, helping those in need and disadvantaged,  having a laugh with friends over dinner and of course I love most of all spending time with my adorable, playful daughter, husband & extended family.

I can't wait to share the day to day life of Twiney's Workshop with you all.


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