Friday, 20 December 2013

Wrapping, wrapping & more wrapping

I feel like the last 3 months I have been wrapping gift after gift after gift! Lots of b'days, newborns, teachers presents & xmas..good thing I love it!! 

I love a blank canvas of brown Kraft paper and then decorating it with embellishments, washi tape, motex notes, cookies and more recently getting my little one to decorate the paper with dot markers - it  looks great with a bit of tape on top! 

Here are some recent fun wrappings...
A baby gift embellished with little babies

My twin present wrapped in half pink & half blue!

Love this paper & I made a matching tag

Some Kraft paper all dotted & decorated by my little one all ready for wrapping for crèche teachers 

The final product...
Dot markers paper & washi tape

Washi tape & motex tape 

Some Xmas wrapping...

Embellished with red & green tea bags in shape of tree with a Pom Pom on top..of course with matching card 


Embellished with cookies

Love this paper

I'm sure 2014 will see more creative & quirky wrappings...

Friday, 13 December 2013

The best of my Instagram Pics

I have been loving Instagram the last few months.

It's such fun posting creative pics to creative people from around the world.

I love the freedom of expression that I get from posting photos. Different to Facebook which is filled with family & friends. I don't know those watching on, on instagram (well im getting to know them) as I post under my business name so friends don't know I'm there & I post pics I wouldn't post on FB. I insta more of my creative side - the delightful, the  delicious & darling things that I see & do out & about & at home! 

Like my cracker faces made from cottage cheese & fruit & veges! A big hit!

This fantastic coloured cake I spied out & about 

Fun things I bought at the 'markit' at fed square 

Love these bags I saw at a favourite shop in Melbourne.

And a cake with a hit of rum to warm you up from Melbourne cake institute - Brunettis

Check out more pics out on instagram @twineysworkshop

Monday, 9 December 2013

Months flying pass

Months have been passing by and my poor little blog hasn't been growing in posts but my instagram account (@twineysworkshop) has been growing with lots of pictures of the last few months of adventures & fun. So too has my belly been growing. Only a few more weeks till I pop & we are getting very excited. 

So, here are some pictures to summarise the last few months...

Holiday to the beach in Queensland

And a fun ride on a beautiful carousel

Halloween treats I made for friends who came over 

A beautiful rustic wedding in Mornington Peninsula

A beautiful party we attended celebrating birth of friends twins...
My twin wrapping 

Some yummy donuts 
The lolly table

My daughters new bedroom (more on this in a later post) That's my product hanging from the cloud hanger 

So much more I could post..

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Teddy bear Picnic Pinterest board

After last years success of having a Pinterest board to organise my thoughts for my daughters 1st birthday party, I have started to collate another ideas board on Pinterest for this years party....themed Teddy Bear Picnic.

I'm thinking red & white gingham table cloth which will set the colour theme, with the book The Teddy Bears Picnic  as the inspiration.

As for the food table, there is an abundance of ideas I've found. From turning chocolate flavoured macarons into cake pops decorated with a teddy bear face, to oreo cake pops, to little teddy bear dinner bread rolls with pinched sides for ears & eadible markers to draw the face, to honey joys in red& white gingham cupcake wrappers, to bumble bee cupcakes to teddy bear shaped chocolates on a stick, little tea cup creations made from coloured buscuits & marshmallows, and something honey flavoured in mason jars with a quaint little red & white fabric lid (like a shower cap on top). I also found gorgeous brownies & blondies which had the middle swapped. I thought they would look great with little teddys, instead of hearts.

As for decorating the table, I was thinking lots of big old fashioned picnic baskets. I was hoping one basket would be filled with cake pops & chocolate teddys on a stick, another would hold the cutlery. I was thinking mini picnic baskets instead of plates, gummi bears filling glass jars with cake pops protruding out & of course red & white gingham accents like cupcake cases, ribbon & serviettes. I'm sure more ideas with pop up over the next few months.I still need to an idea for the backdrop...that is, the wall behind the 

Next up, the activities tables.I hope to set up a room with lots of little tables so the kids can move between the different activities. I also hope to set up a big red&white gingham picnic rug where all the children can play with their teddy bears, sit & eat their teddy bears picnic. Of course lots of nice wooden "food"toys will be in the middle to play with. 

I have pinned so many great activity ideas on my Pinterest board that match the theme. 

Some activities I hope to set up include, teddy bear colouring sheets & picnic basket activity sheets where the kids can draw what goes inside the picnic basket.There are lots of activity sheets on my Pinterest board.

 A table with teddy bear "birth certificates" with kitchen scales & measuring tape to help complete the certificate.

A table with  teddy bear shaped cookies and lots of little bowls filled with fun things to decorate them with like icing pens, m&ms,choc buds, fondant etc

A table  with teddy bear masks & craft supplies to decorate them with. it would be great to present the craft supplies in a picnic basket. 

So, there you have it. Lots & lots of to execute them over the next few months so dreams become reality!!! 

Off to party plan...

Check out my Teddy bear picnic Pinterest board here:

Some fun & inspiring pics from my Pinterest board...

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Shop of the week: Seed Heritage

This weeks shop of the week is Seed Heritage clothing for kids....

Seed is an Aussie label which started in suburbia Melbourne. From there it has flourished & they now have shops all over Australia & a few in Asia.

Seed heritage has womens, girls, boys , baby & now teen clothes & even a candy store. Today I'm reviewing the kids shop.

I adore Seed kids clothing & accessories. Their clothing is right on trend as well as being playful, fun, a bit quirky & chić.

I think they are known for their brightly coloured patterned leggings. No colour in the rainbow is ever missing and no pattern is overlooked. From stars, leopard print, stripes & bold colours. They really add a bit of oomph to your child's outfit & it's fun seeing them deessed in something besides blue jeans.

Their current collection is filled with cute jumpers, from sequinned squirrels, bunnies with Pom Pom tails, perky looking parrots & other cute little critters. They always have lots of gorgeous cardigans for girls (which is important for a Melbourne girl, no matter what age as our weather is so unpredictable) & some smart looking jackets for boys. I would say the boys clothes are a bit more conservative than the girls with a focus on smart & handsome but always with a bit of edginess like a pop of colour.

They also have a beautiful baby range with classic jumpsuits, fun little leggings for both sexes (their current collection has mo's for boys & penguins for girl - über cute! ) And always with cosy & cute little beanies! It's hard to go pass seed for a newborn present.

But it's their accessories which take my breath away & the money from my wallet! It's impossible for me to walk into a Seed store & not come out with a pair of hair clips! They have bowls of accessories that look like liquorice allsorts & bubble gum balls. I feel like when I'm at their front counter I am in a candy store, not a clothing store!

And it doesn't end there, they also have brightly coloured headbands, cute as a button handbags & shoes which are simply too cool for school.

Seed Heritage is a fun filled shop which stimulates your senses & makes you feel happy as you browse around looking at their clothes, accessories & cool shop fit out.